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The Continental

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ABOUT The Continental
Bar & Restaurant

Pacific Place, 88 Queensway

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Blinis Food
Absinthe Fountains
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Timothee Becqueriaux'S SIGNATURE COCKTAIL


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1 part Pernod Absinthe
3-5 parts Cucumber & Mint Infused Water
1 Sugar Cube


Measure absinthee into glass. Arrange sugar cube on slotted spoon. Drip infused water through sugar cube (to taste). Stir. Add ice and serve


FIND OUT MORE ABOUT Timothee Becqueriaux

If you could bartend anywhere in the world where would you want to bartend?

"Where it all started… a busy summer shift in the bistros of Paris"

If you weren't a bartender, what would your dream job be?

"A job that allows me to travel and discover new cultures"

What do you love most about bar tending?

"The connection created might it be with your colleagues or your guests. It’s a job that requires you to be “human” and social which, if done in a joyful atmosphere, can only be enriching"

What do you hate most about bar tending?

"Heavily intoxicated guests during closing time"

Who is your Hollywood movie star crush?

"A bit too private too reveal"

How would your friends describe you?

"Asked a few friends… and this is how they would describe me: Witty, swag & full of life. Active, joyful & determined"

When you're out with friends, what are you usually drinking and why?

"It depends on the place, mood and night ahead…But I usually start with a beer and move on to something stronger. I never say no to an absinthe on sunny day with friends!"

Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know

"might look outgoing, joyful and full of life but like everyone… I sometimes need some alone time"

What do you like doing most in your free time?

"Surfing, visiting new bars, traveling…"

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The Continental

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